The Changing of Majority

While the standard of morality within the United States continues to drift, Christians are left...
November 2, 2020

While the standard of morality within the United States continues to drift, Christians are left facing a different spiritual landscape. With the changing of the majority’s beliefs, we must adapt to ensure biblical faithfulness in rebellious times.

The State of the Union

  • The Moral Majority was founded in 1979 as a way to represent political activism from a religious viewpoint.
  • As a legitimate political force, it strongly encouraged conservative values in civic arenas.
  • With losses among key battleground issues, the group dissolved officially, but the mindset remains.
  • Beliefs that were not even accepted a few terms ago among liberal politicians are now brazenly celebrated as the new standard.
  • If we are losing the moral majority position, we cannot forfeit the prophetic minority position.

The Troubler of the People

1 Kings 18

  • King Solomon’s tolerance of pagan religions among God’s people opened the door for widespread relativism.
  • Elijah wasn’t persecuted because he followed the LORD; he was persecuted because he told others they should too.
  • Prideful politicians will blame biblical believers for causing tension among the people.
  • Sin leads to chaos; obedience leads to peace.
  • It is always a good thing to stir up trouble when the status quo is disobedience.
  • People don’t have a problem with your way until you begin to talk as if it is the way.
  • Desire to win a soul more than an argument.

The Balance of the Prophets

  • Even if the country moves further away from biblical mandates does not give Christians a free pass to compromise.
  • Disciples of Jesus must commit to God’s way regardless of what is popular.
  • We should not expect American citizens to ascribe to biblical values.
  • “We can engage in politics because we aren’t controlled by naive optimism or overwhelming despair.” -Bruce Ashford
  • “Politics should never influence your religion, but if your religion doesn’t alter your politics, you’ve got a weak example.” -Bruce Ashford
  • Celebrate when noble policies pass, but commit to biblical mandates even when they don’t.