Scriptural Standard

In every culture, people’s opinions are rampant and varied, but we need the consistent, reliable source of truth found in the Word of God. Scripture is our sole standard as we seek to live for Jesus.

February 6, 2022

Sermon Notes

The Word of God (2:13)

  • The Word of God is distinguished as divine truth in a world full of human opinions.
  • If any type of spiritual change takes place, it is because the truth of God’s Word is involved.

The People of God (2:14)

  • We cannot imitate other disciples unless we are in a relationship with them.
  • There is no greater encouragement than seeing someone endure through similar suffering.

The Mission of God (2:15-16)

  • Christ’s enemies will try to oppose us, but He will overcome them.
  • Our mission is to share God’s Word with everyone, and trust Him for the results.

Your life will be changed by God’s Word in proportion to your engagement with it.