We Grieve with Hope

As we deal with the pain of losing others to death, our mourning should be different from that of the world. While we grieve, we must always maintain hope because we know the promises of God.

April 3, 2022

Sermon Notes

  • Eschatology – the study of death, judgment, and the end times
  • Build your eschatology on Scripture instead of stories or speculation.

#1. Death Is Not the End (4:13-14)

  • The Bible describing death as sleep reveals how temporal a reality it is.
  • It is appropriate to grieve when life is lost, but it is necessary to grieve well.
  • The gospel ensures that we will see those asleep in Christ awakened again.

#2. Jesus Is Coming Back (4:15-16)

  • Our hope for the future comes from reliable promises in God’s Word.
  • Rapture” – comes from the Latin translation (rapturo) of the Greek word (harpazo) that Paul uses to describe being “caught up” or “taken.”
  • Those who are asleep will not be at any disadvantage when Christ comes back.
  • Jesus has promised He will abruptly return; we should require no other warning.

#3. Restoration Is Fully Guaranteed (4:17-18)

  • We will be assembled one day with all believers for all time.
  • Relational reunions are rightly anticipated, but dwelling with Jesus forever is the unrivaled treasure of eternity.
  • We need regular encouragement that this life isn’t it.