When Forces Oppose God’s Work

The opposition increased as Nehemiah and the people made progress on the wall. When forces oppose God’s work, we must stay faithful to His calling, knowing that He is more powerful than any resistance aligned against us.

October 2, 2022

Sermon Notes

Nehemiah’s Example

  • The enemies of God’s people attempted to stop them physically by breaking them down mentally (1-3).
  • Nehemiah took revenge out of his own hands and placed them into God’s hands through prayer (4-5).
  • Nehemiah was confident enough to pray but cautious enough to protect (6-9).
  • Discouragement can come for the people of God from those inside, outside, or beside (10-12).
  • To incite workers to become warriors, Nehemiah used their families as motivation (13-14).
  • God’s people collectively made any adjustments necessary to ensure that God’s work continued (15-23).

Our Response

  • We reveal the level of our maturity in how we respond to opposition with our prayers and perseverance.
  • If you want to protect your family, you must defend against outside threats and restore what’s broken down.
  • Don’t allow concerns about your enemy to overshadow confidence in your God.

When forces oppose God’s work around you, that means you’re doing something right and must keep going.