The Great and Awesome Day of the LORD

October 8, 2017

Sermon Notes

The Word

The Great and Awesome Day of the LORD (Malachi 4)

As God’s people wavered in their devotion, Malachi revealed that the promised Messiah was drawing near. This great and awesome day of the LORD would change everything.


  • After their division, both Israel and Judah eventually fell into enemies’ hands and were exiled from the Promised Land.
  • Years later, a remnant returned to rebuild the temple, the walls, and a community of God-followers.
  • Once the people settled into the land, Malachi preached against their apathetic spiritual conditions.


  • Depending upon your stance regarding the gospel, the day of the LORD will either be greatly terrifying or greatly fulfilling.
  • In hell, arrogant evildoers will receive what they always wanted – an existence devoid of the presence of God (Mal. 4:1).
  • In heaven, humble God-fearers will greatly rejoice as they watch God take what was broken and make it right again (Mal. 4:2).
  • A day is coming when those who have been knocked down by the world will rise to trample over the ashes of their persecutors (Mal. 4:3).
  • Even as time progresses, God’s commandments will not adjust to cultural leanings (Mal. 4:4).
  • God promised a forerunner who would clear the path for the coming Messiah.
  • One clear indicator of the Messiah’s reign on a culture is how stable the family unit is (Mal. 4:6).


  • God sees every single one of us as either righteous or unrighteous.
  • Christ has prolonged his glorious return and maintained your fleeting breaths in order for you to respond to this gospel message.
  • Since we were unable to keep the Law, Christ came to live a perfect life and to take our rightful place in the way of God’s wrath.
  • Jesus died in your place – not because he had to but because he chose to.