The Danger of Discontentment

Ecclesiastes 5:8-6:12 – Without contentment, we will protect our possessions with unhealthy perspectives. The treasures of this life are gifts from God as long as they don’t replace Him.

June 16, 2024

Sermon Notes


  • Powerful people know how to use the rich and exploit the poor for personal advantage (5:8-9).
  • It is rare for someone to reach a satisfactory level of personal wealth (5:10-12).
  • Poor business decisions will unnecessarily rob you and your family (5:13-17).
  • If you recognize perks in this life as gifts from God, it’s not sinful to enjoy them (5:18-20).
  • Discontentment will prohibit you from enjoying the resources and respect given to you (6:1-7).
  • Wisdom is recognizing what you have, not longing for what you don’t (6:8-9).
  • We waste great effort attempting to ascribe more value to worldly treasures than they can provide (6:10-12).


  • Discontentment drives dangerous decisions.
  • If excess is preferred, success is improbable.
  • Common Temptations When Discontent
  • Settle:
  • Shortcut:
  • Steal:
  • Sacrifice:
  • The secret to contentment is learning how to enjoy – not indulge.