You Can’t Make It On Your Own

March 25, 2018

Sermon Notes

Colossians 4:7-18

You Can’t Make It On Your Own

In Paul’s concluding remarks to the Colossians, he provides personal comments regarding specific ministry partners.  Within these comments, Paul models the type of friends that a disciple will need to continue towards maturity.

Why Mention These People?

  • A commitment to Jesus is a commitment to His people.
  • Our beliefs and our behaviors were never intended to be lived out in isolation.
  • You are deceiving yourself if you think you can live for Jesus on your own.

Who Are These People?

  1. Tychichus (Col. 4:7-8) – Consistent Servant – The Kingdom of God is advanced through ordinary people doing ordinary things consistently.
  2. Onesimus (Col. 4:9) – Returned Runaway – God’s ability to use us is not determined by the degree of our sinful past.
  3. Aristarchus (Col. 4:10) – Empathetic Companion – We all need people who will do more than hurt for us but those who will hurt with us.
  4. Mark (Col. 4:10) – Restored Partner – If God isn’t finished with us, then we shouldn’t be finished with each other either.
  5. Justus (Col. 4:11) – Faithful Comforter – Regardless of your situation, you can experience great comfort if the people closest to you are closest to Jesus.
  6. Epaphras (Col. 4:12-13) – Prayer Warrior – Those who agonize in prayer are those who succeed in ministry.
  7. Luke (Col. 4:14) – Available Helper – God’s call might not be for you to leave your job for the ministry but to use your job for the ministry.
  8. Demas (Col. 4:14) – Worldly Wanderer – Starting well in ministry does not guarantee finishing well.
  9. Nympha (Col. 4:15-16) – Hospitable Disciple-Maker – The church grows by those who open up their homes and open up their lives to others.
  10. Archippus (Col. 4:17) – Incomplete Minister – Be diligent to fulfill the ministry that God has entrusted to you.

Next Step

  1. Invite a friend
  2. Join a group
  3. Commit to the church

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