How Our Church Should Support Missionaries

While many churches desire to send missionaries to the field, few are prepared to support...
May 1, 2023

While many churches desire to send missionaries to the field, few are prepared to support those they send out. Supporting missionaries includes more than simply writing checks – it requires ongoing prayer, encouragement, and connection.

3 John 5-8

  • Hospitality 
    • Receiving them well regardless if they are members here or not
      • Mission house
      • Dinner invitations
      • Play dates
  • Preparing and sending Missionaries 
    • Pursue believers to raise up workers
  • Knowing those who are sent out
    • Get to know who they are, build relationships, and strengthen the connection before they leave.
  • Financial + Prayer
    • You already support through the cooperative program
    • Not all missionaries go with the IMB; all others raise their support 

Philippians 2:25-30

  • Value them
    • Worker- They spread the truth, and living overseas can be more complex, requiring more effort. 
    • Soldier- Spiritual battles are very real for missionaries; they can be wounded, worn out, and discouraged.
    • Messenger- They spread the truth and story of the Gospel – the connection between sending church and the indigenous church.
    • Minister- A missionary minister to the local people, encourages the local congregation and pastor, other missionaries, and is a counselor to all.
  • Caring for them
    • Checking in with the missionary regularly
    • Knowing when they are discouraged and how to pray for them
    • Learn how to encourage them in a personal and profound way.
    • The sending church is still responsible for the missionaries’ spiritual health.
  • Support trips
    • Take short-term trips, semester or longer. Having a regular time of sending someone out to the missionary, not only to minister with but minister to the missionary.

Acts 14:26-28

  • Welcoming back well
    • Receive them back with honor and excitement for the accomplished work.
    • Spend time with them in fellowship, Bible study, and fun!
  • Declaration of God’s work done through them 
    • Listen to their work and stories (corporate and private)
  • Recharge, refresh, and strengthen
    • So that they are ready to go back out or so they feel welcomed if they stay.