A Fish Named “Grace”

February 19, 2017

Sermon Notes

A Fish Named “Grace” [Jonah 2] – No amount of rebellion is greater than God’s love.  His relentless pursuit of us often finds us in the lowest possible places.

Main Points 

  1. We are all sinners – we all rebel in our quest for independence.
  2. The fish was evidence of God’s grace – not his anger.
  3. God gives wrath to his enemies and discipline to his children.
  4. God appointed a fish to be at the right place at the right time to digest a reluctant prophet in just the right way.
  5. God’s discipline does not indicate a lack of care but reveals a proof of love.
  6. Before you can preach a message to another, you have to receive it yourself.
  7. God can always hear even the faintest cries of desperation.  (cf. Ex. 2:25)
  8. God’s deliverance is often progressive because his discipline is part of the process.
  9. We don’t make promises to obtain deliverance, we make promises because we have received deliverance.
  10. Sometimes the lowest moments and the greatest moments of our lives are one in the same.