How to Prepare for Worship

Exodus 30:1-38 – God explained how He desired His people to approach Him in worship. Through their prayers, offerings, and purifications, God showed them a sure path to engage Him.

October 22, 2023

Sermon Notes

If you never prepare to meet with God, why are you surprised that you rarely do?


  • God instructed His people to burn incense continually – a fragrant aroma rising from the place of worship (30:1-10).
  • All ransomed people, regardless of wealth, contributed financially to the ministry of the tabernacle (30:11-16).
  • God’s people acknowledged their need for cleansing before worship (30:17-21).
  • God ordained that some resources in our lives should be reserved solely for Him (30:22-38).



  • Petition – The priority and consistency of your prayers has a lot to do with your spiritual engagement.
  • Pray for our church on Saturday night.
  • Contribution – Don’t give to get, but give because you’ve already received and desire others to as well.
  • Decide to give generously.
  •  Purification – Ask God to search your heart before coming to worship and address anything that remains defiant.
  • Prepare on Sunday morning to meet with God.
  •  Devotion – Resolve that certain rhythms and resources belong to God and nothing or no one else.
  • Arrive 15 minutes early, find a way to serve, and don’t let anything rival the weekly gathering.