The Spirit Fills Us to Work and Rest

Exodus 31:1-18 – At the beginning of the tabernacle’s construction, God showed that He had filled specific individuals with His Spirit to complete the design and assembly. God gives each of us skills to do His work and wisdom to experience His rest so that we never confuse the One deserving of credit.

October 29, 2023

Sermon Notes

God designed you perfectly to accomplish His perfect will.


  • God’s Spirit equipped servants with the mental and practical skills for His work (31:1-11). 
  • God paired people from different settings to serve better together (31:2, 6).
  • Accompanying God’s desire for completed work, He also commanded intentional rest (31:12-15).
  • The Sabbath is God’s gift for His people to stay distinctly refreshed (31:16-17).
  • Biblical faith is not man’s clever invention but God’s direct decrees (31:18).



  • The only type of unspiritual work is what you try to accomplish detached from God.
  • If God gives you an assignment, He will provide you with the abilities required.
  • Working outside of your giftings wastes your time and robs another’s opportunity.
  • If you are unable to give your best while you are “on,” it might be because you never take “off.”
  • Attempting to do a task you aren’t equipped to do keeps you from being effective at what God has designed you to do.