When Life’s Not Fair

When Life’s Not Fair
Ecclesiastes 8:1-17 – When we see the ungodly flourish and the godly struggle, we might question God’s standard of fairness. Part of trusting God is acknowledging that we may not understand why certain things happen.

June 30, 2024

Sermon Notes


  • Acquiring wisdom brings ease to a person amidst a stressful world (8:1). 
  • Life’s Not Fair with the Government  (8:2-6)
  • Obey governing officials as long as it doesn’t interfere with your commitment to God (8:2).
  • Don’t casually disregard authority, and carefully consider the consequences of defiance (8:3-6). 

Life’s Not Fair with Lifespans (8:7-13)

  • We can affect the quality of our lives, but we cannot alter its duration (8:7-9).
  • Even if decisions don’t greatly affect one’s lifespan, God will address them in eternity (8:10-13).

Life’s Not Fair with Consequences (8:14-17)

  • It is frustrating to witness righteous people suffering and unrighteous people flourishing (8:14-15).
  • If we cannot make sense of life under the sun, we must find our hope beyond it (8:16-17).


  • Adopt a missionary mindset as you navigate through this life.
  • Follow the rules of any king in a foreign land as long as it doesn’t hinder your commitment to the King of kings.
  • You can endure hardships on this journey because you won’t be here long.
  • Suffering for a good cause is worth the reward that is awaiting you.