Keep God’s Name Holy

Exodus 20:7 – The third commandment discouraged the people from vainly using God’s name. God’s name represents who He is, and we must never frivolously use it for any type of sinful agenda.

July 2, 2023

Sermon Notes


  • How we revere the name of God indicates the manner in which we value who He is.
  • To misuse God’s name is to attach it to empty purposes.
  • Taking God’s name in vain can involve speech or actions.
  • God takes this commandment so seriously that disobeying it deserves death (cf. Lev. 24:10-16; Rom. 6:23).


  • Never utilize God’s name in a crass or cursing way.
  • Avoid flippantly attaching God’s name to your plans so that no one challenges you.
  • Be careful not to make false oaths by swearing to God what you do not intend to do.
  • Beware of speaking names of God with which your heart or head is not aligned.
  • Abstain from manipulating God’s name to get something you want or avoid something you fear.
  • If you bear Christ’s name in this world, do not misrepresent Him.