Rejecting God’s Son

In The Parable of the Tenants, Jesus foreshadowed how the world would reject Him rather than receive Him. As we look at His sacrifice, how will we respond to the cross?

June 12, 2022

Sermon Notes


  • On Palm Sunday, Jesus rode into Jerusalem on the back of messianic expectations (Matt. 21:9).
  • Even at the height of His popularity, Jesus wasn’t afraid to do the right thing by confronting corrupt systems (Matt. 21:12).
  • In His last teaching in the temple, Jesus rebuked the religious leaders and predicted His imminent death.


  • God established the nation of Israel to be beneficially fruitful (21:33; cf. Isa. 5:1-7).
  • God expected His people to produce spiritual results beyond their borders (21:34).
  • Throughout the Old Testament, God’s people persistently persecuted His prophets (21:35-36).
  • Instead of receiving God’s Son, this world rejected Him all the way to the cross (21:37-39).
  • God will eventually deal with every person who ever lived based on how they responded to His Son (21:40-41).


  • Jesus Christ as the foundation for our salvation was never God’s Plan B (21:42).
  • The kingdom of God is comprised of a diverse Church instead of a localized ethnicity (21:43).
  • Falling on Jesus is the only interaction that provides the possibility for recovery (21:44-46).
  • The most important decision you will ever make is if you receive or reject Jesus.