Confronting Disobedience

There is a sin or a few sins that easily entangle you. While we all...
September 1, 2019

There is a sin or a few sins that easily entangle you. While we all can struggle with every possible sin imaginable, there are certain sins with which we regularly drift. In Session 3 of Distinctive Discipleship, we are going to narrow down a list of sins to the 1-3 areas which are critical for you to address right now.


If you had to compile a list of the top 10 sins devastating our culture right now, what sins would you consider as most rampant? Fill out this list as an individual, and then share your list with a small group. Each of you starts by sharing one item. If someone mentions an item on your list, put a star beside it and don’t read that one when it is your turn. 


If you feel comfortable to do so, draw a target beside 1-3 of those items that either personally causes you to stumble or potentially could cause a threat to your discipleship.

Of which items do you need to pay attention?


Hebrews 12:1-2


From Abel to David, the author shows how these distinct individuals all experienced different trials but proved to be faithful through their lives. These people weren’t perfect, but they did show progress.

Can you name an area of disobedience for these people mentioned? If you are unsure, use the accompanying verses to discover the answers.

  • Abraham (Gen. 12:11-13) 
  • Sarah (Gen. 18:12-15) 
  • Jacob (Gen. 27:18-20)  
  • Moses  (Deut. 32:51-52) 
  • Rahab (Joshua 2:1) 
  • David (2 Sam. 11:4, 15)  

Even in the Bible’s archive of faith heroes, we see each of them with certain challenges and particular propensities towards specific sins. In those descriptions, you might discover unique struggles with which to relate and others that you honestly can’t imagine. So why are these wayward figures contained in such a list? While all were sinners (Rom. 3:23), these individuals portrayed a faith in God’s promises amid their inconsistencies. 

Look at the author described Moses in Heb. 11:24-26. How would you summarize Moses’ thinking regarding sin?

The author of Hebrews wants us to keep their stories in mind as we fight against sin. In these verses, we discover four steps of which we should remember:

    1. Learn From Those Before You
    2. Lay Aside the Sin That Entangles You
    3. Labor Through the Race Before You
    4. Look to Jesus Who Can Keep You


What is currently entangling you and tripping you up as you seek to follow Jesus?

What must you do to fight it?