The LORD Is My Banner

The Israelites fought against the Amalekites and prevailed under unique circumstances during the conflict. As our banner, the LORD unites and mobilizes the people of God to victory.

May 28, 2023

Sermon Notes


  • After being challenged by internal conflict, Israel battles the external threat of the Amalekites (17:8-9).
  • While a physical battle was happening below, a spiritual war was happening above (17:10-13).
  • God didn’t want Joshua to forget the source of victory for the sake of future conflicts (17:14).
  • This battle taught the Israelites to unite together under the LORD as their banner (17:15).
  • God’s people should never face conflict without seeking God’s help (17:16).


  • Don’t assume you can outlast your enemies without the support of your companions.
  • Acknowledge that much of your conflict cannot be engaged with physical means.
  • Pray the type of bold prayers that anticipate God doing the impossible.
  • You can have victory because of Christ’s sacrifice at Calvary