The Story That Governs the World

August 16, 2020

Sermon Notes

The world is in need of a story. People everywhere are disconnected from God and need to know the beauty of His rescue in Jesus. And that’s why Christians everywhere need to be equipped and prepared to effectively share God’s Story, the story that governs the world.

Psalm 46 

  1. The world is in need of a story.
  2. The world needs a story that answers life’s most important questions:
    1. How did it all begin?
    2. What went wrong?
    3. Is there any hope?
    4. What does the future hold?
  3. The four rhythms or themes of the Story are: Creation, Fall, Rescue, Restoration.
    1. Creation: “How did it all begin?”
      1. God-Elohim
      2. The Lord of Hosts
      3. The God of Jacob
    2. Fall: “What went wrong?”
      1. Broken creation
      2. Broken people
      3. People are in a crisis!
    3. Rescue: “Is there any hope?”
      1. God with us – Immanuel
      2. He is our refuge and strength
      3. He is personal
    4. Restoration: “What does the future hold?”
      1. He wins!
      2. New Heaven and new earth
  4. The Invitation:
    1. Come and behold (see)
    2. Make them wish it were true!