Discovering Delight

SESSION 2 – DISCOVERING DELIGHT Session 2 of Distinctive Discipleship is all about discovering delight....
August 25, 2019


Session 2 of Distinctive Discipleship is all about discovering delight. If we can truly comprehend that the fullness of God dwelt in Christ (Col. 1:19), and now the fullness of Christ dwells in us (Col. 1:27), it should cause us to become overwhelmed with a joy that energizes our desire to take advantage of that blessed nearness.



Each of us has things in our lives we embrace doing and other tasks we avoid doing. What is your list? Write down three items and reasons for each column and share them with the group.

Embrace Doing – Why?




Avoid Doing – Why?



What did you notice about your tasks? You will do hard things if you want something bad enough. Even if an assignment is challenging, you will approach it with joy if you value the benefit of accomplishment greater than the burden of the effort.


  • Mark 10:17-22
  • NOTES:
  • Why do you think this event is recorded right after what happens in Mark 10:13-16?
  • We never see Jesus make this request to another person. What is the weight of that statement to this specific man?
  • What does Jesus’ unique approach show us about his strategy?
  • Jesus’ request wasn’t a prerequisite – it was an assessment. His response revealed his commitment.
  • Jesus already loved him, but this man didn’t love Jesus.
  • He wanted his stuff more than he wanted Jesus.


  • What are some of the most significant distractions from following Jesus in our culture?
  • Write down your list and share them as a group.
  • Out of all of these mentioned, which ones present the most significant amount of concern for you personally?
  • Circle 2-3 that could distract you from following Jesus. If you don’t see your issues, feel free to add items that endanger you.


  • If someone watched you over the last month, what would they suspect could be the greatest delight of your life?
  • These might be unhelpful habits, healthy relationships, or even religious activities.
  • Write down 1-3 possibilities.
  • What must you do to reposition Jesus onto the throne of your joy?
  • Other Verses for Study:
    • Ps. 37:4
    • Phil. 3:8
    • Jn. 15:11
    • 2 Cor. 1:24
    • Phil. 1:25
    • Matt. 13:44
    • Ps. 16:11
    • Ps. 90:14
    • 1 Pet. 1:8
    • Jer. 15:16