The Greatest Gift Given

Out of all the gifts given to us, none can rival Jesus Christ Himself. Through a relationship with Jesus, we find the life for which we have all been longing.

December 19, 2021

Sermon Notes

Jesus’ invasion of earth offered an invitation to heaven. 

God’s Gift (5:6-9)

  • Water – Through His baptism, Jesus identified with our sin to provide for our cleansing (5:6).
  • Blood – Through His crucifixion, Jesus atoned for our sin to pay for our redemption (5:6).
  • Spirit – Through His presence, the Spirit draws us to believe the gospel (5:7-8).
  • Scripture – Through His Word, God provides us with truth in a world full of opinions (5:9).

Our Response (5:10-12)

  • Testimony – Through our conversion, we testify that Jesus’ life has completely changed ours (5:10). 
  • Eternity – Through the gospel, we believe that we will live with God forever (5:11).
  • Purpose – Through the gift of Jesus, we can escape the trivial pursuits of this life to live lives of meaning (5:12).

Have you received Jesus as God’s gift to you?