September 19, 2021

The Stop of Sabbath

If we neglect God’s structure for our rhythms of work and rest, we will find ourselves eventually burning out. The gift of the Sabbath is a needed weekly pause amid a culture committed to constant hurry.

The Problem

  • None of us will survive if we subscribe to the American pace for a successful life.
  • Most of us are nearing burnout not due to what we are doing but what we refuse to stop doing.
  • If you keep breaking the Sabbath, your schedule will eventually break you.

The Passage

  • Observing one day a week to stop obeys God’s command to set apart our days to His standards (5:12).
  • Create well for six days and enjoy what’s been created on the seventh day (5:13).
  • Forbidding even one’s assistants to work enforced the idea that the world is not dependent upon our productivity (5:14).
  • The Sabbath rhythm reminds us that we are not enslaved to the patterns of this world anymore (5:15).
  • We serve a God who commands us to remember weekly what He has done and what we don’t have to do (5:16).

The Process

  • Relentlessly remove distractions so you can be the most focused, productive version of yourself.
  • Diligently approach your calling to bring glory to God and good to others for six days a week.
  • Wisely prepare your schedule and your surroundings for a commitment to a Sabbath rest.
  • Weekly pause for one full day to remind yourself of who you are and who you are not.