Attempting God’s Work Through Your Power

Moses desired to deliver God’s people through his strength, but his efforts would never suffice. If God calls us to something great, we must realize His power must accomplish it.

January 22, 2023

Sermon Notes


  • While Moses grew up in Pharaoh’s house, he never lost his association with God’s people (2:11).
  • Moses’ intention to deliver was admirable, but his plan was unacceptable as he relied on his strength (2:12-15).
  • God gradually developed Moses to confront injustice and protect the vulnerable (2:16-21).
  • Moses began to realize something that had been true all along: he struggled because he wasn’t home (2:22).
  • God never lost track of their suffering and never wavered from His plan for deliverance (2:23-25).


  • God has prepared you all your life for the opportunities before you.
  • You feel restless in this world because you were built for another.
  • You never need to awaken God’s heart to the world’s agony.
  • God sees your situation and knows what He’s going to do.
  • A righteous passion accompanied by a self-reliant strength will never accomplish the will of God.