The True Vine

John 15:1-8 – We cannot settle for a human intermediary to regulate our relationship with God. Jesus has invited us to know Him and to abide with Him closely.

May 5, 2024

Sermon Notes

Jesus’ Teaching

  • Jesus is the true vine, placed by the Father (15:1) since the first vine unfortunately failed (Isaiah 5:1-7).
  • Jesus will discard unfruitful religious people and prune true disciples for further growth (15:2-3, 6).
  • A disciple’s growth depends on how unhindered the connection is kept (15:4-5).
  • You are not abiding with Christ if you neglect the Word and prayer (15:7).
  • You can distinguish true disciples by their abundance of tangible evidence (15:8).

Our Application

  • If others aren’t entirely convinced you are a disciple of Jesus, you need to do some serious evaluation.
  • Don’t settle for a religious connection when Jesus offers a relationship with Him.
  • You won’t know God’s will if you never study His instructions in the Bible or consult His guidance through prayer.
  • The only way to glorify God is if you stay connected to Him.