Dull Spirituality

As Jesus often spoke in parables, it divided those who understood the truth and those who rejected it. When people’s hearts become dull, they cannot receive the blessings of God’s truth.

May 29, 2022

Sermon Notes

Parables are memorable stories intended to communicate spiritual truths.


  • Jesus’ ministry gained some traction, but it had not reached the anticipated momentum yet.
  • Jesus was experiencing the skepticism from His forerunner (11:3), the conspiracy of religious leaders (12:14), the uncertainty of the crowds (12:23), and the pressure of His family (12:46).


  • The gospel produces a harvest depending on the type of reception (13:1-9).
  • Jesus doesn’t expect people to agree with spiritual truths if they don’t have a Kingdom mindset (13:10-13).
  • Even religious people are in danger of possessing a dull spirituality (13:14-17).
  • Every person has either a critical (18-19), casual (20-21), conflicted (22), or compliant (23) heart.  


  • Spiritual vibrancy is contingent upon how you process Kingdom values.
  • If you don’t find yourself eagerly embracing a Kingdom mindset, it’s because you value something more.
  • What does the manner of your receptivity say about your spiritual condition?